HGT Australia train the trainer-Aged Care training in China

HGT Australia has commenced its train the trainer program-aged care at Shanghai Pharmaceutical School (SPS) this week。The school has an innovative approach to vocational learning and a leader in Chinese vocational education. The school leadership team has released a large number of key staff to undertake a week of intensive training in the Australian VET system.

“Teachers are the best in their field and have already demonstrated their commitment to quality training for their students” said Mr Phillip Reed, Quality and Compliance Manager from HGT Australia. Mr Reed has flown to Shanghai to personally deliver the training required to qualify the SPS staff to deliver nationally recognised training in China. “Each participant has been challenged by the training” Mr Reed said, but they are passionate about their students’ learning and have impressed their colleagues with their understanding and commitment.

In 2020, China’s population is expected to exceed 1.4billion, of which 248 million will be aged 60 years or above and the market needs 222 million ageing consumers. HGT Australia’s General Manager Mr John Liddicoat advises that “with the Chinese government aspiring to provide a workforce of 10 million aged care workers by 2020 we are responding to a rapid growth in demand for skills”.

HGT Australia provides aged care tailored training program to the Chinese market.

For more information, please email: info@hgtaustralia.com.au