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Our History

HGT Australia Limited (HGT) is a Not-for-Profit organisation that has been a leading Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and Group Training Organisation (GTO) for over 35 years and has been dedicated to assisting students achieve their full potential through the provision of quality training, mentoring and employment services.

HGT has been an RTO since 1995 and has trained tens of thousands of students in a wide range of work related skills and qualifications across Government funded programs, pre-apprenticeship training and Fee-for-Service courses. HGT Australia has pioneered the delivery of Registered and Group training services for students across a diverse range of industries.

We have trained and mentored many students while meeting the highest standards of compliance, through a career pathways program that ensures that each student achieves the necessary skills and qualifications to achieve their full potential during their working life.

In 2014, in response to ongoing demand to provide our training services internationally, HGT established the HGT Australia International College. The International College represents a significant investment for HGT and our most important priority for the organisation. The Board of Directors and Managing Director have approved a strategic direction that ensures the financial viability of the international expansion of HGT Australia International College into China.

HGT is a financially stable, Not-for-Profit organisation limited by guarantee, with a 35 year history of strong financial performance throughout our operations in Australia.

Our Commitments in China

The Board of HGT International College has a deep strategic commitment to successfully establish HGT in China and has committed to a long term policy view on our role in the region.

The HGT Board has selected China as our most important international priority in the development of the College over the next 10 years and is directing significant resources towards development of Chinese specific training modules and employment pathways.

Our executive development team has committed to spending significant time in the region throughout 2015 with a view to establishing relationships with existing providers to assist in the development of new bases for the College.